Halloween Safety Tips

The New Britain Police Department is requesting the cooperation of businesses and residents in the City of New Britain to leave lights on October 30th and October 31st. Outside lights being left on during these two evenings will provide safety and act as a deterrent to vandalism. The New Britain Police Department will have extra personnel working on these nights to further assist in safety and to promptly arrest persons who engage in criminal activity.

Trick-or-Treating at organized events such as the Halloween Safe Zone in downtown New Britain is strongly encouraged. Parents are always requested to accompany their children while Trick-or-Treating. It is recommended that all Trick-or-Treating be concluded by 8:00 PM.

Motorists, parents, and children should be aware of the following safety guidelines:


1. Obey all Traffic Laws

2. Drive with caution in residential neighborhoods

3. Be alert for children running out in traffic whose vision may be obscured by masks

4. Use extreme caution when entering or exiting driveways

5. Drivers must not wear any masks or wear any costume that impairs their vision or impairs their ability to operate a motor vehicle.

Parents and Children:

1. If you are driving children while they Trick-or-Treat, only have the children exit and enter the vehicle from the curbside – never into the roadway.

2. Costumes with high visibility are recommended. They should be made from light or bright colored material and trim.

3. Make sure your child’s costume does not interfere with walking.

4. Encourage children to use face paint instead of hoods, wigs or masks that can block vision.

5. Children should use only walkways, and not cut across yards.

6. Do not accept rides from strangers.

7. Check all candy before children consume any of their treats. Discard any homemade or unwrapped items.

8. Only Trick-or-Treat at homes with porch or outside lights on.

9. Never go inside a home – stay on doorstep during visit.

10. Equip children with a flashlight with fresh batteries so they can see and can be seen.

11. All children should Trick-or-Treat in small groups. They NEVER should be alone. At least one adult should accompany children.

12. Set a time limit and designate a route for your children to Trick-or- Treat.

13. Children should obey all pedestrian safety laws: Cross only at street corners and never between parked cars.

14. Report any suspicious or criminal activity to the New Britain Police Department immediately.


It should also be noted that no person should enter any commercial establishment while wearing a mask or hood. Reasonable steps should always be taken to not cause any undue concern or alarm in the community.

All of us at the New Britain Police Department wish every one a safe and enjoyable Halloween.


Chief James Wardwell

            Chief of Police
        Christopher Chute

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